Consulting Engineer for Software Development
Master degreed Gerald Kliem - Shopfloor IT-Architecture

Consulting and Implementation of Shopfloor-Processes in Industry and Industry 4.0

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  • Production-
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  • Shopfloor-Integration
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  • Business Requirement Analyses
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  • Sensor-Monitoring
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  • Plant Maintenance-Integration
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  • ERP-Integration
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  • ProcessIndustry-Integration
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  • Maintenance-Logbook

IoT APIs and Industry 4.0

My assistance with the introduction of digital ways of working on the shop floor

The collection of informations from the shop floor, the compression in a database to derive Factors for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) derive a yardstick in modern manufacturing. I can on the way to the introduction of advanced Internet 4.0 technologies as a consultant and developer support.

SAP Manufacturing Intelligence & Integration/ SAP Manufacturing Execution

SAP as connector from ERP and Shopfloor

You can benefit from many years of experience in the implementation of shop floor projects with SAP Manufacturing Intelligence & Integration also become an advantage in your projects. As an external partner, Gerald Kliem can take on the role of developer, architect or project manager. The MDVS IT-Solution team can act as an implementer of software solutions on the shop floor.

SAPUI5 and Applications, the new modern SAP-Technologies

responsive Design - one Development, support for many devices

The new UI technology from SAP AG helps with the implementation of new projects with a clear, simple interface. There can be input masks design and implement that meet the new requirements for clarity, availability on all devices, easy maintenance and operation with an HTML5 web browser satisfy. We are happy to support you with the conception, implementation, coaching of other employees and the development of SAPUI5 applications or use of UI5 Components with React and Typcript.

Consulting in Software Development-Process

  • Composite Structure Modeling
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  • Define Architecture
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  • Implementing with Scrum
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  • Create Datamodel
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  • Business Process Modeling
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  • Go Live
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For assistance in the coordination of development teams?

Today's projects are developed in the team. In this context the interaction between customer and several external service an important role. I support your projects by Choaching of developers, acquisition of project management or architecture consulting. The software methods Scrum or Kanban are applied, the documentation is done with bug tracking solutions such as Jira and Confluence.

Devops tasks

Development projetcs need the active support of the development project by an integrated team Administrator, who can solve the problems for the smooth integration of different software technologies.

Architecture, Analyses and Design /bring new Techologies near to customer

Whether it is to integrate the design and Architecture of mobile application, wearables integration or simply new frameworks in the project, because you are with your Requirements exactly right with me.

Optimization or redefinition of processes in the manufacturing industry

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  • Actyx.OS
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  • Swarm Network
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  • SAPUI-Components Views
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  • Produktions-
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  • OPC-UA
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  • Business Process Modeling
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  • SAP-Cloud-Integration


Do you need support in optimizing your production processes with a connection to your MES or ERP?

Benefit from the long-term advice and support of the customer in all questions about EAI, B2B, ESB, den Operation and interface development based on a manufacturing operating system actyx.OS. We help you with the conception and implementation of Industry 4.0 projects with a modern software approach. Whether preliminary study, control and review in the project phase or Partial implementation.

Application of standards according to ANSI / ISA 95

MDVS IT-Solution offers many years of experience in dealing with OPC-UA, the MESA standards ISA95 and B2MML Coupling of MES systems, SCADA or DSC and the integration of enterprise control systems.

digital networking of factories

MDVS IT-Solution offers you the prerequisites for an automated factory. We use a manufacturing operating system as building blocks for our own applications. Together with the customer, we can build the digital factories of the future.

Team MDVS IT-Solution

The team grows. MDVS IT-Solution sees itself as an engineering office. We are a small, customer-oriented team in thinking and acting.

Dipl.-Ing. Gerald Kliem - Inhaber MDVS IT-Solution

Gerald has many years of experience in the integration of shop floor solutions with SAP products.

He is the technical consultant, architect, developer for SAP ME, SAP MII, SAP PCo, SAP Analytic Cloud and SAP S4 / Hana or SAP ERP PP, MM, SD.

Lennart Busekrus - Developer

Lennart is the backend developer and frontend developer in TypeScript, Javascript, Flutter, go, neo4j and the actys.os framework for shop floor solutions or other customer requirements.

B. sc. Wirtschaftsinformatiker Pepe Bellin - Developer

Pepe is our IOT sensor specialist and developer with the Actyx.OS framework for shop floor solutions. With Javascript, Typescript, go and the Actyx.OS framework, he also solves tasks in frontend development.

additional Informations

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